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  • ricardo

    Acho que não mereço tantos elogios.


  • Mario

    Interesting interview. Very nice 🙂


    We’re two artistes situated in Belgium . For different reasons we want to know Portugal and look for some small hose to by in a very retracted place there for our further researches .
    We’ll be very happy if some one can help and orient us , how to proceed to get in contact and cooperate with the local estate agencies or person’s specialized in that direction . We say –local- because we tried with the foreign , most of all English companies , but they are pulling every thing to the tourist arias and standard business situations , which is not our purpose . We’re looking for something out of tourist zones with local people . So , our agent should be someone who is a part of the ‘folklore’ in the country .
    Any ideas or/and suggestions are mostly well come
    Many thanks in advance –

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  • Mark

    Hello, just couple of simple question

    Why do you think portuguese people prefer hi5 instead of much better and powerful social networks?

    And why most of them use it just to improve the number of friends without making something to improve contents?

    Thank you,

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