BloggerView #18 Henriette Weber Andersen

HenrietteThis week BloggerView is with Henriette Weber Andersen, the author of the blog “Web avant-garde“, which is available at She is a very funny danish girl, that I have the pleasure to met, at LiFT06. After that, I have been with her at SHiFT and again in Genebra, this year, at LIFT07. I hope you enjoy her answers, as I did, specially the 8th and the 10th.

1. When did you start blogging? What were the main reasons that take you start blogging?
Henriette Weber Andersen (H.W.A.): I started blogging in june 2005 – the main reason was that I was building a social app which never happened – at least not in the format it used to be.

2. What were your reasons to christen your blogs as you did?
H.W.A.: I am probably the best person at being myself. I wanted it to be extremely “me” as noisy and provocative that I can be, but also as funny and gentle. I first named it “only the real is unreal” which is a song by tracy bonham that I have always addressed, but later i renamed it to “web avant-garde” – because I believe that the avant-garde period of the web is where we are right now

3. Do you have any specific goals or objectives you want to achieve with your blog? What are they?
H.W.A.: well exibitionism =) no, I want to learn and research and make all these really weird assumptions, but the absolutely main goal and objective is CREATIVITY…

4. In your opinion, what role could blogs play in the future, for instance at companies or at schools?
H.W.A.: I think that blogs could play a big role, especially within social problems in the global society. I love integration blogs and green blogs. blogs makes me feel richer as a person. I think that businesses will take from blogging what they can see is benificial for them, but also keep the “what’s in it for me?” distance that basically is giving me nausea. But hey businesses are businesses, not people and not blogs.

ohh – I believe that mobile social communities is going to have a really big impact on society also – because the process is different and the spontaneous effect is so much bigger.

5. What do you think will be the future of blogs over the next couple of years?
they get swallowed in the whole web 2.0 thing ( social apps) which they already have been. But they will not stop existing, they will just be a part of the total communication package. I believe that the biggest goal that blogging can achieve is to be evaluated on equal terms as other communication tools.

6. How many feeds do you have on your news aggregator? What news aggregator do you use? Why?
H.W.A.: I have around 200 – i don’t read them though I skim them and comment. the comment part is the most important for me. it should be like that for everybody. I use bloglines – because it’s not crashing like blogbridge. Blogbridge deleted my feeds twice and then I was out of there. I use it because it’s fast and it doesn’t crash that often. It works fine for me..

7. What do you think about RSS? What role do you think RSS can play in future, for instance in the relation between government and citizens?
H.W.A.: I think that RSS is interesting in blogging, but also the way that Jaiku is using rss to show everything you do online is really spot on. RSS makes the online world more efficient and spontanious – I love it..

Between government and citizens I will believe that it would make the information flow better and more interesting… i absolutely hate the boredom of newsletters..

8. What do you think is the most important thing happening in the Web, now? Why?
H.W.A.: I think the ” something is missing” tendency in the transition from web 2.0 to a web independent of the internet is REALLY interesting, and it probably will be for quite a while..

9. Beside blogs, do use other social software, like Flickr,, Digg, LinkedIn, Jaiku or any other?
H.W.A.: Yeah I use all of those, actually I use a lot of social apps… right now I am real hyped over Jaiku and nabaztags

10. After the blogs and web 2.0, what do you think will be the next tendency?
H.W.A.: the web without the internet. definitely. a more mobile world. see the social communities like jaiku and twitter are already going mobile…

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