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  • http://www.toshi.nl Robbert Hubner

    Hi, sorry for my bad English….but i try to give a comment on this subject.

    I’m an ICT manager in the Netherlands and the first moment that i saw “the internet” in 1989 i was very impressed…. Now in 2007 the basics of the internet is much the same as in 1989…. I’m working in a company (28.000 persons) in the healthcare… what we need is for older people > 60 more personalised and social software on the internet… that helps peolpe too live a better and more social live than they get now…. We built Internetcafe’s for older people and more and more are using it but at home they also need a way to communicate with the world… with docters, shops….. and posibility’s to live a secure and more social live….
    That’s the goals for the years to come

  • http://realidadnovelada.com J S Zolliker

    Great interview!

  • http://blog.graham-lawrence.com Graham Lawrence

    Nice interview. Nice feel about it. I’m a fan of Stephanie of course. She’s always way ahead of us BlogToddlers.

  • RobertoSucco

    I hope this will make my Web 2.0 stocks rise Buy Cheap Diazepam Valium Msj

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