BloggerView #12 Stowe Boyd

I have the pleasure to start the BloggerView series of this year (yes, it’s true I’m going to continue this initiative this year) with the BloggerView of Stowe Boyd, a well know blogger, author of /Message. Stowe can be introduced as an opinion leader focused on social software. He was present at SHiFT, in Lisbon, last September, (he is a huge fan of Portugal) where he did an excellent presentation, called “ We make our tools and they shape us“. I hope you enjoy their answers. Thanks Stowe.

1. When did you start blogging? What were the main reasons that take you start blogging?
Stowe Boyd (S.B.): 1999, and I was trying to create an ‘e-zine’ to get my thoughts online and join the online conversation.

2. What were your reasons to christen your blog as you did?
S.B.: My first blog was ‘Message from Edge City’ — my hosting company went out of business, so I lost all the content. Then I started ‘Timing’ on Typepad, moved to ‘Get Real’ at Corante using Movable Type. I launched ‘/Message’ in January, after leaving Corante, sort of returning to the theme of my initial blog.

3. Do you have any specific goals or objectives you want to achieve with your blog? What are they?
S.B.: I am trying to change the world. If the web doesn’t save us, we are sunk.

4. In your opinion, what role could blogs play in the future, for instance at companies or at schools?
S.B.: Everything will be socialized in the future.

5. What do you think will be the future of blogs over the next couple of years?
(S.B.): They will percolate into everything, changing everything they touch.

6. How many feeds do you have on your news aggregator? What news aggregator do you use? Why?
S.B.: I hate RSS readers but I am using Feed Crier, a ‘bot that runs inside IM. I am tracking like 150 blogs.

7. What do you think about RSS? What role do you think RSS can play in future, for instance in the relation between government and citizens?
S.B.: RSS alone isn’t enough. See various posts on Nerdvana for a better explanation.

8. What do you think is the most important thing happening in the Web, now? Why?
S.B.: Social appplications. Most fun, best reason to go online: meet interesting people.

9. Beside blogs, do use other social software, like Flickr,, Digg, LinkedIn, Jaiku or any other?
S.B.: Yes. flickr,, plazes, twitter, Jaiku. Not LinkedIn, Not Digg.

10. What are your big expectations for 2007, for the web?? What do you think we could expect from 2007?
S.B.: Battle for the living room will be definitively won by Apple with some new gizmo. Someone will build and release a Nerdvana application, and social traffic will become the MySpace/social networking killer. Personal memetracking will become commonplace.

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