Tara Hunt interviewed at CenterNetworks

Tara Hunt, Citizen Agency Co-Founder, author of the blog HorsePigCow and one of the best Internet marketers (perhaps maybe I should define her as a marketer 2.0?) gave a great interview at CenterNetworks. I specially like this part, that summarizes her vision about what is Marketing, and what’s the best approach to get in the market:

Tara Hunt“From my perspective, marketing isn’t about creating ‘buzz’ or ‘viral messages’ – it’s about building great stuff with the intent you are going to fill a need for people, then celebrating each and every person who comes along and connects with your vision.

We look at three things that have to be balanced in your approach: Environment, Product and Communication/Community. The environment is something you can’t change, but should be aware of. The product is totally within your control. There are tons of factors here: is it too complicated? Useful? How is the design? Interoperable? Etc. Communication is all about how well you listen. What you offer your community members. It has to be a win-win situation. It isn’t about broadcasting, it is about conversing.”

You can read the interview at http://www.centernetworks.com/interview-with-tara-hunt-citizen-agency.

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2 responses for Tara Hunt interviewed at CenterNetworks

  1. Great link!

    I think Tara is doing a very good job of defining, exploring and explaining what marketing mean on a context like the Web!

    I’m looking forward for her workshop during Future of Web Apps in London next year.

  2. Hugo says:

    André, I totally agree with you.
    Unfortunately I won’t be present at FOWA, but I hope you cover it on your blog, as usually.

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