SHiFT ended

SHiFT has ended. Despite the small technical problems that happened, and the hard work to put SHiFT running, it was 2 amazing days. I only have the opportunity to see a few presentations, but as far as I know, by the reactions, we had a very good lot of speakers, with very rich presentations. From the presentations that I saw, I really liked the presentations from Laurent, Stowe Boyd, Lilia Efimova, and the final (excellent) presentation of David Galipeau, and the demos of Goplan and weSpendMoney. Unfortunelly I couldn’t saw others presentations, as I wish like the ones from Thomas, Suw, Euan or Peter Merholz. But it’s not a problem, we have all the presentations on video, I just have to get some time free to see all the videos from the conference.

SHiFT gathering
Photo author: kev/null

Away from the conference, it was really nice to meet some really interesting people, at the dinners and at the close-up party, like Fred Oliveira, Peter Merholz, Lilia Efimova, Stowe Boyd, Euan Semple, Luke W, Martin Roell, Jean Francois and Suw Charman and so many others. At some time it was very good to see Laurent (from LIFT) again. He gave me some really good tips, about presenting the speakers, one of my biggest concerns regarding SHiFT days.

Thanks for everyone that was present at SHiFT, specially the speakers and thanks all the sponsors and their precious contribution without the one, SHiFT couldn’t be possible.

On the next weeks, we expect to have all the presentations and all the videos available online.

Finally and like we wrote on the conference wiki, “SHiFT has ended, but the conversation will continue, join us the discussion at and send us in your suggestion on what you’ve liked and disliked about the conference thru”.

Next: LIFT – 8 & 9 February 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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