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In the last weeks, I’ve been helping a friend creating an institutional website, using WordPress 2.0.
One of the features he wants to implement is a subscriber form with a newsletter manager. We are not talking about a simple plugin, which allows people to signup to be notified when a new entry is posted to your blog/website. We are talking about a more complex plugin, which would allow people to subscribe to a traditional newsletter.

1. First we tried Mailing List Plugin 3.0 (available at http://gerard.ly.free.fr/index.php?page=wordpress). It’s not perfect, but it works. This plugin allows you to send an email or send a newsletter automatically to the mailing-list when a number of new post are published.  Doesn’t work with WordPress 2.0.

2. Then we tried WP-PHPList plugin (available at http://www.funkypenguin.co.za/wp-phplist), which integrates our WordPress installation with our PHPList public pages. This looked fine, perfect for our needs. I already use PHPlist (http://tincan.co.uk/phplist) with no complains, so it would be perfect WordPress + PHPlist.
After a lot of work, it works, but with a few important cons:

  • The last version of PHPlist is 2.10.2. The plugin only work with PHPlist 2.9.4;
  • It’s very difficult (I think I can say: impossible) to customize subscribe page, with your WordPress theme design;

3. Last but not least, we tried a last solution, integrating WordPress 2.0 with our PHPList, last version, but without any plugin. It’s not simple but after a few tweaks, it works just fine.

As so, my next post one of my next posts, which I expect to publish in the next days (updated at 19h00 – 20/01/2006), will be “How to integrate WordPress 2.0 and PHPlist 2.10.2”.WordPress 2.0Newsletter ManagerPHPlistWordPress pluginsMailing List pluginWP-PHPList

  • http://blog.invisivel.net Filipe Correia


    I’ve recently tried something similar with Subscribe2, but have found it wasn’t quite what I needed.

    I have tried PHPList before, but at the time it had very few features I really wanted, I’ve now checked it out again though, and it seems prety good.

    I’m currently using a highly modified version of PHP multiple newsletter which does everything I need (I’m using Spaw for the text editing). If I had the time I would have tried integrating it into WP already, so I’m eagerly waiting for your tips on how to do it with PHPList 🙂 maybe I’ll also make the switch myself.

  • http://nolagraphics.com Marc

    sooo wow … this is exactly what i have been looking for … i have been singing the praises of phplist and wordpress for a long time and have been wanting a plugin that integrated the 2 … definetly a Killer plugin idea … i’ll be chaecking back 😉 just firefox live bookmarked ya 😉

  • marc

    any word on this ?

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  • http://www.jesseheap.com JesseHeap

    I created a wordpress plugin that allows you to easily drop a phplist subscriber page into any wordpress page. And since it doesn’t require any modifications to PHPList, in theory it shouldn’t need any updates when new versions are released. Take a look for yourself at http://www.jesseheap.com/projects/wordpress-phplist-plugin.php

  • http://www.jesseheap.com JesseHeap

    I created a lightweight plugin that allows you to drop a PHPList subscriber form on any wordpress page. And, since it doesn’t require any hacks to PHPList, in theory it should continue to work as new versions of PHPList are released.

    For more information visit WordPress/PHPLIst plugin page

  • http://bloggerholic.com farida

    I was using subscribe2 to start with but found it did not offer many features that i wanted. The other problem I had was I couldn’t get the subscribe2 form to show on my sidebar so i searched around for another newsletter plugin and found WP PHPList that does allow the form onto the sidebar. I’m now using WP PHPList which is fantastic! Although you have to go to PHPList to view the stats and manage the mailing list I find it offers many features compared to subscribe2.
    You can see a demo of my newsletter on my site http://bloggerholic.com

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    PHPList subscriber form on any wordpress page. And, since it doesn’t require any hacks to PH